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Distinguished and Famous people from Leeton

1. Sir Samuel McCaughey (1835–1919)

Sir Samuel McCaughey was a prominent pastoralist, politician, and philanthropist. He is known for his extensive land holdings, particularly in the Riverina region, where Leeton is located. McCaughey was involved in various industries, contributed to scientific research, and played a significant role in the development of agriculture in Australia.

2. Roxy Jacenko (Born 1980)

Roxy Jacenko is a well-known Australian businesswoman and public relations expert. Although not born in Leeton, Jacenko spent the early years of her life in the town. She later moved to Sydney and built a successful PR agency, "Sweaty Betty," which represents high-profile clients and celebrities.

3. Max Warren (1904–1974)

Max Warren was an Australian rules footballer who played for the Carlton Football Club in the Victorian Football League (VFL). Warren grew up in Leeton and later became a key player for Carlton, known for his exceptional skills and versatile playing positions.

4. Merilyn Childs (Born 1959)

Merilyn Childs is an accomplished Australian actress and playwright. She has appeared in numerous television shows and stage productions throughout her career. Childs was born in Leeton and has contributed significantly to the arts and entertainment industry.

5. Samuel Griffith (1845–1920)

Although not born in Leeton, Samuel Griffith was a notable figure who spent a significant amount of time in the region. Griffith was an Australian jurist and politician, serving as the first Chief Justice of Australia and later as the Premier of Queensland. He played a crucial role in drafting Australia's constitution.

6. Mary Gilmore (1865–1962)

Mary Gilmore was a distinguished Australian poet, journalist, and social reformer. While not directly associated with Leeton, Gilmore spent part of her life living in the nearby Jubilee Avenue, Griffith. She made significant contributions to Australian literature and championed various social causes.

7. John Samuel (Jack) Thompson (Born 1940)

Jack Thompson is a highly regarded Australian actor and one of the most recognizable faces in the country's film industry. Although born in Sydney, he grew up in Leeton and attended Leeton High School. Thompson has received numerous awards and accolades for his acting career.

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